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"GeoForce's mission is to create long-term partnerships by providing cost effective business solutions to all clients, including those previously locked out of GIS and related development due to limited resources."

– Robert Popoff, GeoForce President

  • Pole Inspection and treating – Geoforce provides all services involved in full ground line inspection treatments for wood poles to maintain the longevity of our client’s assets.  Decay levels are determined to insure that poles are healthy, can be reinforced if need be or in extreme cases, need to be replaced. With proper treatment, failure can be avoided for many years to come.

  • Pole Reinforcing – Geoforce offers services for reinforcing poles with C-Truss and C2-Truss steel that can maintain the strength of a pole for a fraction of the cost of replacing the asset. 

  • Load calculation – Geoforce offers sophisticated software services developed by Powerline Technologies to calculate the physical load physical load that hardware puts on a pole. The load calculations can include resiliency for storm simulations built to your specifications.

  • Field Asset and GPS Inventory – Geoforce offers asset, attachment, condition and code validation with recreation to sub-meter accuracy GPS based on client’s needs and budget. 

  • Transmission Inspection and patrol – Geoforce offers inspection of wood, muti-pole and metal structures providing overhead and foundation safety as well as full ground line treatment inspections.

  • Emergency Storm Response – Geoforce crews offer a professional mobilized work force with experience in damage assessment and notification.

  • Underground Services – Geoforce, with its partners, can provide our clients with quality underground services, transformer and padmount inspections as well as repair and painting of overhead and ground based units. 


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