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How to Unlock The Payback
In Your AutoCad/Gentry System


You have a significant investment in your GIS data. And you are seeing some benefits with limited access to that data. Until now, you may have felt locked out of the widespread viewing of your data that could revolutionize the way your key people do their jobs. Until now, your options were limited to discarding your existing system for a high-end GIS platform, and spending an incredible amount of money to translate your CAD data. Even then, the cost of installing viewer hardware and software could prove prohibitive. NOW THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE.

GeoForce provides an affordable GIS viewing solution to AutoCAD users, which enables them to extend viewing capabilities to desktops and laptops, in the office and in the field, utilizing existing GIS data.

Our solution maximizes the value of an existing AutoCAD system, but also serves to prepare a company for the transition to another GIS platform if they should ever decide to change platforms (and coincidentally, greatly reduces the cost of such transition).

Our data conversion software, which brings together the attributes and the geospatial qualities of data, actually converts CAD data to formats recognized by mainstream GIS platforms. This means that when our customers purchase our GeoHawk viewer, they get not only the best viewer available; they also prepare themselves for transitioning to any GIS platform in the future. GeoForce has saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in data conversion. And, the GeoHawk 5.2 viewer provides seamless mapping to users, with customized screens that closely resemble the maps they are comfortable with.

The Only Thing We’ve Left Off Our Customized GIS Viewing Package Is The Ridiculous Price

Our customized GeoHawk viewing solutions enable customers to get the full value of their GIS data investment. No proprietary hardware is required, and the low cost enables our customers to disperse GIS viewing throughout their organizations. Departments normally shut out from viewing GIS data now have it at their fingertips, such as customer service, management, economic development, operations, and marketing.

“ We did not see a Return On Investment of our GIS system until GeoForce” –Southeastern GeoForce customer.

Unlocking the Fortune hidden in your GIS data:

1 – GIS Assessment and Application planning

GeoForce will evaluate your existing GIS data, and your current and planned applications. Based on our many years experience in GIS project management, and software development, we will provide a detailed written proposal for the most cost-effective migration strategy to the applications you desire.

2 – Data Conversion

Typically, the most expensive and time-consuming part of purchasing a GIS viewer, or switching GIS platforms is data conversion. GeoForce changes this radically. Our EagleCAD converter software takes AutoCAD and Access data, and converts them into shapefiles, preserving all the graphical features and attributes of the data.In this format data can now be viewed, and queried by GeoHawk, and becomes accessible to mainstream GIS platforms. GeoForce converts the data, and customizes the search engine of GeoHawk for each customer. When finished, customers have a highly versatile viewer that may be queried by any attribute of their data. And, GeoHawk’s easy-to-use view, query, and redlining functions require no special skills. It is accessible and convenient for anybody.

3 – Viewer Installation and Deployment

You are now in a position to reap the major paybacks on your GIS investment. Easy to use remote viewing of a seamless, fully developed, digital map puts your valuable GIS information in the hands of the people who perform your most vital and most costly services. Paper maps can now be eliminated from the service trucks, and GIS viewing may be dispersed throughout the company. Searching for information changes from fumbling with huge map books to a couple of mouse clicks. Your company has spent no more than it normally does on paper maps, and it is prepared for any future GIS platform.

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